Monday, 2 August 2010

Check out the many different ways u can earn easy money just sitting on your bed or at Uni

First of all: Dooyoo
For this, you have to write reviews on products. They have to be atlest 150 words long (which isnt that much really) and you earn for just posting it, but also for everytime someone reads/ rates ur review then you also gain more. This in my opinion is the best of all.
To get an invite, just send me a message either on here, or on TSR.

Another site which is quite similar is CIAO.
This site is alright, not as good as Dooyoo but works on the same basis. The reason i say its not as good is because it seems not as many people give you ratings, but then again any rating is a rating at the end of the day and its worth it for just a few minutes every now and again.
Link: In the banner below

Now onto NEOBUX
Well to be honest this is by far the easiest, but you won't earn as much.
However, all you have to do is click on the banners and you get a couple of pence everytime. You are probably thinking thats hardly nothing but i'll tell you it slowly adds up.

Absolutely SUPERB!
You get a aout 5-6 of serveys every day and they takes between 2 seconds to a minute to complete, and every time you get between 10p to £1. Its so easy and the money adds up really quickly!
Link: message me

Hope you enjoy! if u need any help on tips etc feel free to ask!